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We are energy Secured when we can supply lifeline energy to all our citizens irrespective of their ability to pay for it as well as meet their effective demand for safe and convenient energy to satisfy their various needs at competitive prices at all times and with a prescribed confidence level copnsidering shocks and disruptions that can be reasonably Energy Policy(IEP) 2006

IEP also says that “there is a need to focus equally on the supply side and demand side management”. IEP also suggests that the energy security can be achieved through reducing demand and energy needs through comprehensive measures on demand side management. The key for any business to continuously operate lies in the uninterrupted power supply. Hence availability is a big aspect in today’s competitive business environment.

Further to this affordability is another major aspect which should go hand in hand with the availability for industries Management should be one of the key focus areas for the industries to ensure their longevity. Energy management deals with Availability of power, Affordability of power and efficient utilization of power.